Story of High Priestess of Bali

In 2007, Ida Resi Alit was ordained "High Priestess" by the Council of Hindu Dharma and became the youngest person to ever receive this title (a position normally only given to men). Six months before her ordination, Ida had an immensely powerful experience during meditation earning her distinction as a "revenant" or “rebirth” (one who has come back from the dead). From that moment forward, she suddenly displayed exceptional skills and an ability to speak ancient languages. In 3 short months she passed trials and tests to become high priest (these tests typically occur over 5+ years and require decades of training). At 20 years old the historic and monumental decision was made to ordain her High Priestess. 

I met Ida four years ago. I called her one morning, she picked up the phone, greeted me with a soft and kind voice and invited to her home the next day, not mentioning where she lives. I wasn't late. She had lots of time to share with us and she told us her life story how she became who she has become today and we meditated together for an hour after her ceremony. I started visiting her regularly, meditating with her and taking all my friends to see her as well. I understood her and resonated with her story. She didn't choose her destiny her destiny was to accept and allow what happened to her and this was what connected us. She became High Priestess almost overnight 11 years ago. She passed out and when she woke up she had downloaded all the necessary knowledge about Balinese rituals and mantras. Her life didn't go how she expected and during some period of depression, she transformed into a meditator and a spiritual woman, seeing visions and prediction about her own future. She has served her community in this calling for 11 years now yet she has always been interested in traveling and other cultures. Ida is very special, untraditional in a way yet representing spiritually contemporary Balinese Spirituality and her destiny is still evolving. Today she is traveling and bringing her divine calling to the rest of the world. She is in the United States now hoping to grow a community there and build an ashram, just as many ancient Hindu gurus have done in previous centuries. In October we are planning her visit to Estonia, and I would be honored to be her guide in our land.

I have been taking photos of Ida all these years and all my diplomatic gifts while traveling around the world have been her photos performing a ceremony and giving blessings. In a way I always wanted her to travel as well and bring her special Balinese spiritual gifts everywhere. "Ida describes her mission as being to create harmony between people, the environment, and spirit."