Take a journey

Any journey can be a special one. I have been guiding, designing and accompanying many journeys and experiences. While being on a spiritual path myself my main function and gift is to see things in between things and acting as a mirror. Some journeys are more about healing something some revealing something and on some journeys we are just doing an extra self care and adventure. All of them start from the decision to open up for something new, to create space between the space. That often includes taking time off, putting things on hold, traveling away from home and releasing and relaxing into unknown. This journey is definitely an expansion and adventure into the unlimited vastness of this amazingly beautiful life.

Who am I?

“What we essentially and already are, is this perfectly peaceful, inherently fulfilled presence of awareness.”

Advaita Vedanta view is my personal spiritual guide

The separate Self is not an entity, it is an activity, the activity of thinking and feeling, an imaginary limit superimposed on the true and only Self of Pure Awareness. The Realization of this truth dissolves the beliefs and distance separation and otherness. The common name we give to this absence of distance, separation and otherness is Love and Beauty. And is that which everyone longs.

But where is fulfillment and happiness to be found?

Only to be found within One Self. Our essential nature, Who is “I”? Investigate.

I is ever present experience throughout experiences.

Most people feel that they need to travel on a path from where they are to where they want to get to, in order to achieve fulfilment. This idea is supported by every mainstream culture that tells us all the things we must do or acquire in order to to achieve fulfilment. This idea of progressing from where we are to where we want to get to threw a series of objects, events or relationships is very deeply instilled in us.

Not just in our conventional materialistic culture but in our spiritual traditions as well. That’s why the spiritual journey for many people seems to be a serious of argues, obstacles to be overcome before we finally reach at this exalted state of enlightenment or awakening or liberation or whatever it is we call it.

The direct path that is suggested by Advaita here doesn’t involve going through series of steps of purifying the mind and the body before it finally reaches the goal of fulfillment or enlightenment. It is based on the recognition that we are right now, already essential unlimited infinite Presence of Awareness. Only that presence is obscured or mixed with layers of thoughts and feelings. The direct path doesn’t involve series of tasks. It involves a simple recognition of what we already and essentially are.

For an example if I told you now, “Stand up and take a step towards you Self! What would you do? You wouldn’t be able to move or if you moved you wouldn’t take a step closer to your Self nor would you be able to take a step away from your Self.

That’s the direct path of Advaita (Non Duality).

It suggests “What we essentially and already are, is this perfectly peaceful, inherently fulfilled presence of awareness.”

We just have lost touch with Self and have been mixed with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, memories etc. It is recognizing what we already are and not becoming something new. That is what Revelation is about.

“I was always this what is!”

How to practice this? Investigate the Who is Your Self by loving contemplations of your experience. That is MEDITATION.

We practice this by going on a journey.

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