Do You live the life you Love? Have You explored what makes you truly happy and joyful? Are You Aware?

Bali Journeys and Retreats starting again 2021. Visiting holy people and holy places. Secret Rituals and Initiations, Ceremonies and Pilgrims and Celebrations. Private Journeys into New. There has been

Water Healing Ceremony with Ida Resi in Estonia
Water Healing Ceremony with Ida Resi in Estonia
arranging healing rituals is what i love to do
decorating Agni Hotra Sacred Fire Ritual
this day was very special, choosing Shiva Lingams to send from Bali to Estonia, handmade by honourable Pak Lingam
a friend priest in the Water Temple before entering the waterfalls
Baba Ladu from India. Creating Satsang space with him for our community in Bali and visiting Village Temples and Barong Ceremonies was a special day. I love how he chants all mantras. @ladubaba
Ida Resi Alit and I became friends around 2014. We have been on many trips and journeys ever since. Meditating with Ida and visiting her temple for a water cleansing ritual is a gift.
Vipassana Monastery in Ritigala, Sri Lanka
Tanah Lot in South Bali
Melasti Ceremony in Canggu Beach
Ibu Jero, the Quan Yin healer from the Southern Spiritual Gate of Mount Agung
Aspen Mountains, Around The World Journey
Water Element is about ancestors and emotions
River Healing with a Shaman in the Mountains. Clean Your Karma and Receive new energy for new plans.
Besakih Temple, The Mother Temple of Bali. Collecting holy water.
a monk who became a friend in Sri Lanka. Teaching meditation by just looking at me while i meditate. Walking Meditation.
Buddha said something
Visiting Holy Site in Kandi, The Tooth Relict.
Pilgrim in Dambulla, Sri Lanka
Sigiria Holy Site, climbing up to meditate.
Walking Meditation in front of a Deep Forest Retreat
Mediation in Holy Places
Estonian Pleasures some years ago, Ice Swimming
The Dharma Teachings Circle
Walking Monks
deep forest retreat caves
deep forest retreat caves
wood element and beatiful
i love this buddha smile, i always visualise this smile when i do yoga
long time ago
in Kyoto visiting Shinto temple
Joshua trees in the desert, LA
Yoga Pilgrim to LA
Headstand for a new perspective, LA
one and only INDIA
COLORADO Mountains
Bora Bora view
healing ceremony with Ida Resi
Secret Full Moon Rituals
Water Purification, Melukat Ritual
New Zealand Happy Valley it was
memories are landscapes
planning is dreaming, dreaming is seeing, seeing is being
My first pilgrim story was unbelievable. This priest, now High Priest approached me on a boat and asked if i wanted to join him and two other women to visit special temples to collect power and holy water. And before he asked i wanted to ask him to go with them, yet not knowing that he was even a priest. What You seek is seeking You.
Meigo Märk, walked from Estonia to Bali, 3 years and 7 months and then he arrived. he was our guest of honour. @meigomärk visit his adventures
Sacred forest is Moorea Island, French Polynesia.
always wanted to arrive to this place and i did.
somewhere in Maroon Bells.
Ceremony in Bali
Kristi loves Dr. Thomas Sladek in the Detoxroom Bali. I love the facial acupuncture where he uses 64 needles all over the face and body.
Meigo Märk, around the World on Foot and visiting Wedding in Bali
Meigo visiting Papa, our best reflexologist
do You know where is this?

Lets go for a Journey?

Any journey can be a Pilgrimage. It is about the Intention and Attention. Often a special Guide can take us into the mysterious abodes above the imaginable, beyond our expectations and boundaries protected by fear or sense of security. Transformation starts when we allow to let go.
That is my job.

Contact and lets plan a Sacred Journey for You. In Bali or somewhere in Indonesia.