Bali Sacred Bells

Sacred Bells

Learn how to Meditate and use Ghanta Bell for Listener practise.

Ghanta Bell and Vajra, indivisible union of Method on Wisdom on the path of Enlightenment. Wisdom implies the understanding of the non Self, therefore wisdom always includes compassion and wisdom has the element of wisdom of the union. Ghanta and Vajra carry the wisdom of emptiness and the nature of Reality. Om the mother of all sounds leads to the truth, from the ocean of breath, just listen and to be listened. The listener to be dissolved into Om.

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One becomes many and many becomes one.

The everlasting birth, growth and melting cycle.

Skanpuraan, Agama Sastra states

I ring this bell indicating the invocation of divinity, so that virtuous and noble forces enter (my home and heart), and the demonic and evil forces from within and without, depart from my home and heart.

“Aagamaarthamtu devaanaam
Gamanaarthamtu rakshasaam
Kurve ghantaaravam tatra
Devataahvaahna lakshanam”

The sharp sound that is produced by ringing the bell activates 7 chakras in human body.

Creates harmony between left and right lobes of brain. Thus creating unity between them.

The sound retains the principle of deities and drives away evil energies.

Removes all negative thoughts

The sound that is produced by ringing the bell acts like a shock that helps us focus in the Present.

Helps you connect with inner Guru and be one with the Divine

The sound is soothing to the ears and calm down the mind and soul. Thus making us feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

It is crafted with various metals that hold distinctive healing properties.

The purpose of Darshan is to establish a communication between ones own “Aatman” (the divinity within you) and the “Paramaatman” (the Supreme Divinity). 

As discussed above, Bell is not made up of your ordinary metal. It is made of a composition of metals including brasscadmiumleadcopperzincnickelchromium and manganese. The proportion at which each one of them mixed is the real science behind a bell. Each of these bells is made to produce a distinct sound which unites the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of your brain. The moment you ring a bell, a sharp but lasting sound is produced which lasts for at least seven seconds, in echo mode, good enough to touch the seven healing centers or chakras in your body. (Sometimes it is said that if you find a bell whose sound doesn’t echo for 7 seconds, then it is not made correctly and Balinese bells have particularly clear and long sound vibration. Higher bells sound always less than lower sounding bells the Nong bells due to its shape.) The sound of a bell empties your brain from all thoughts and sufferings. Invariably you enter a Tran’s state where in you are much more receptive and much more active. This Trans state is full of awareness. This helps us in entering a very sharp state where we can achieve a very good level of concentration and focus.

According to the Skandpuran, the ringing of temple bells absolves man from sins that he has committed in his previous births as well. Let us now see how the energy is emitted from the bell and what exactly happens with the help of a subtle drawing

The dome shaped body of a temple bell and the clapper when strike with each other create circles of chaitanyawhich are projected in the atmosphere. The sound generated simultaneously emits frequencies of chaitanyapredominant in Akashtattva(absolute ether element).The figure depicts them in yellow color. The stroke of the clapper emits red colored divine energy rays in the environment and the surroundings. The particles of divine energy which spread in the atmosphere,depicted in red color are also seen here. The divine energy and chaitanya generated by the sound of bell drives away the negative energies from the atmosphere.

The main purpose of ringing a temple bell is:

To drive away negative forces inside you or around you and to attract the positive forces towards you. One of the major reasons that you should visit a temple is that it charges you with spiritual and positive energy. The design of a temple is made in such a way that it gets filled with maximum positive energy possible. Most popular temples are made on places where the earth’s magnetic lines are meeting or some divine religious event had happened.

Many thoughts occupy your mind at all times. It is difficult for you to stop the thinking at will. You take your office problems to your home and then in night to your bedroom. There has to be a mechanism to stop these worldly thoughts from entering inside the temple, so that you can remember and worship god with peacedevotionand totality. A temple bell takes care of this. Ringing of a temple bell creates a no-mind state (no thoughts) inside you. Suddenly there is your mind goes blank for a few moments. it gives you an opportunity to focus your attention on god and devotion. This is the reason why bells are placed at the entrance of a temple and also before a temple sanctum, so that you can leave your worldly mind outside and only think about god while in the temple. Ideally while ringing a temple bell you should remember the deity intensely, so that the vacuum (no-mind state) created by a bell is filled with thoughts of the deity. This is the reason why most hindus take the name of god (like jai sri ram or har har mahadev) while ringing a bell.  In Āgama, it is mentioned that a temple bell should be made of pancha lauha (five metals) that are copper, silver, gold, brass (main metal in the bells) and iron. These 5 metals represent the Pancha Bhoota. The composition of these metals in the bell varies from bell to bell, which alters the sound. Another belief is that this composition of metals in a temple bell helps to kill the bacteria or germs in and around the temple and also purifies your aura.

Order Your hand made bell here. The Altar Tool, a healers weapon. Tool to become in service. Tool for one who offers something to the world. Meditation Bells disengage the mind of the listener from ongoing thoughts, thus making the mind more receptive. Helps to focus the thoughtless stream of awareness and to expand it towards Divinity. Before becoming the beholder of the temple bell one should practice Metta Practice and develop the emphaty of the hearth. Bells are symbols of compassion and do not want to belong to egoists or ambitionists for selfish purposes. They are under the Divine force of Tara and Saraswati. Tara means “a star; compassion in action; she who saves; she who ferries across. Dölma in Tibetan.” She is in the process of stepping from her lotus trone in order to help sentient beings. She is the guardian of every Ghanta Bell or Drilbu ever made. She shows her presence at healers altars, she communicates threw the hearth.

It is not buying the bell, it is giving an offering in order to ask for the bell. Compassion wears many faces. She needs nothing of her followers, it is us who need the gift of giving, offering, worship, praise, devotion. She asks only one thing, Metta. Act of Compassion. She wants to be invited into your being. The Bell comes with a mantra.

May You be free from suffering; May You be healthy; May You be happy; May You find peace and joy.

May I be free from suffering; May I be healthy; May I be happy; May I find peace and joy.

May all beings be free from suffering; may all beings be healthy; May all beings be happy; May all beings find peace and joy.

Metta prayer by Dalai Lama